Official Statement

We are writing from Magnus Games Studio to formally address an ongoing matter of grave concern. It has come to our attention that false and defamatory statements are being made about our company, causing significant harm to our reputation and potential financial damage. This letter serves as an official notice to demand an immediate cessation of any further defamation against Magnus Games Studio.

At Magnus Games Studio, we firmly believe in our social responsibility as game developers. We hold ourselves accountable to a high ethical standard, ensuring that our games align with our vision, values, and the well-being of our players. None of our team members would ever condone or agree to develop a game that promotes a background or gameplay experience against our direction and focus.

The false statements in question pertain to the allegations of our involvement in a "Slavery Simulator" game. It is crucial to clarify that Magnus Games Studio has no connection or affiliation whatsoever with this game or its development. The spread of such baseless claims has resulted in widespread misunderstanding and misrepresentation of our company, which has had a detrimental impact on our professional standing within the industry and among our valued customers. Defamation is a serious offense that can lead to significant legal consequences. It is essential to understand that the dissemination of false information about Magnus Games Studio is not only damaging but also a violation of our rights. We firmly assert our right to protect our reputation and demand that you immediately cease and desist from making any further defamatory statements about our company, whether through verbal communication, written publications, social media, or any other means.

We hereby request that you take the following actions:

  1. Cease and desist from making any false, defamatory, or misleading statements about Magnus Games Studio, both orally and in writing.
  2. Remove all existing defamatory content related to Magnus Games Studio from any publications, websites, or social media platforms under your control or influence.
  3. Issue an official retraction and apology acknowledging the false nature of the statements made regarding Magnus Games Studio and clarifying the lack of association between our company and the mentioned game.
  4. Refrain from engaging in any further actions that could harm the reputation or business interests of Magnus Games Studio.

Failure to comply with this cease and desist letter will leave us with no choice but to pursue legal action to protect our rights and seek appropriate remedies for the damages caused. This may include, but is not limited to, filing a lawsuit seeking monetary compensation for defamation, injunctive relief, and any other legal remedies available to us under the applicable laws.
We hope that it does not come to that, as we would prefer to resolve this matter amicably and without resorting to litigation. We strongly urge you to take this matter seriously, rectify the situation promptly, and prevent any further harm to Magnus Games Studio's reputation.
Please provide us with written confirmation of your compliance with this cease and desist letter within [reasonable timeframe, e.g., 5 business days] from the date of this letter. We reserve the right to take further legal action if necessary, should you fail to comply with our demands.
Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter. We trust that you will act responsibly and in accordance with the law to rectify the damage caused by the defamatory statements against Magnus Games Studio.


DC Gan
Magnus Games Studio Sdn Bhd
31st May 2023